Designed using SolidWorks 2011 web page presents portfolio of my works made using SolidWorks.

     If you like to know possibilities of SolidWorks system in my edition, please have a look at "SolidWorks Gallery" or "SolidWorks Animations".

    I hope on my website you will find a piece of inspiration...

    In case of any questions, suggestions, remarks ... just write me. I will definitely answer. Presented works on my website are from period when I enjoyed SolidWorks Edu licence.

    CAD systems give you possibilities of doing something what you can not afford, but they can shape your imagination and preserve it as 3D models.



HeliRC project renewal in SolidWorks 2012

Upgrade of HeliRC

    Particular parts of helicopter head mechanism and their assembling were made in SolidWorks 2011, but trial of animation didn't bring effects I expected.


    Despite spending a plenty of hours on solving the problem related to redefining and lack of solution, SolidWorks was still generating errors. Those errors were caused by increased number of degrees of freedom included in particular parts assembling. Year later the same assembling was loaded to SolidWorks 2012 and I was stunned when analogic joins were solved correctly.

I’ll present final animation soon…

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